When I first got into health and fitness, I approached it very wrongly. I would go on fad diets and overwork myself at the gym. I thought healthy eating was calorie restriction, weighing foods and cutting out healthy carbs.

In turn, I did not feel my optimal best, and my weight fluctuated too much because of different diet routines and burning myself out at the gym. I was always feeling the need to "cheat" and I was not gaining energy. It came to a point where I didn’t want to do these diets anymore. I started doing more research and reading tons of books and programs.

The more I learned and educated my self, the more interested I became in knowing and learning about health and fitness! I was able to graduate high school a year early, so I can pursue my passion in health to the best of my ability.


I decided to go into personal training, since working out hard was always one of my passions! I learned how to workout smarter for myself and how to help my clients workout the best way for them. Then I decided to go into nutrition. I wanted something that taught me and my clients how to make healthy eating into a lifestyle, how to eat without restitution, without calorie counting and without needing “cheat” days! I wanted to feel my best and treat my body with respect!

I studied and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a certification in health coaching and hormone balancing. I am so happy I learned, and can now teach my clients, how to make healthy eating fun and enjoyable, how to make healthy recipes that are not only good for you, but are very tasty as well, and how to meal prep so you can have a easy breezy week of eating only what’s really good for you. I love motivating you to reach your fullest potential and more!!!